Jack 2nd grade

Here he is… Our second-grader.  I'm so proud of him. He had a rough start to the school year. He did not have a single friend in his second grade homeroom. He went to school in tears in fear of not feeling comfortable in his classroom. I actually called the principal to see if we could switch homerooms but we decided to stick it out. Since then he has made the best of it. He's made a few new friends and seems much happier. Change is hard for this little guy. His school picture cracks me up… It's a part smile it's a part teeth grind.

His current favorite pastime is watching the St Susanna football players practice. When we go up to school to take OliviA to volleyball practice he stands at this pavilion and watches the football team twice a week. He is in awe.  We Promised him he could play tackle football at his school next year.

He also had his very first overnight this year. He's been begging for a sleepover since he sees his big sister have them all the time. This friend of his took him to a Reds game and then back to his house for a sleepover. He did great. He felt so grown up.

And he is so proud of his father. Justin and LARRY celebrated 25 years of successful business with conger construction group.  After LARRY spoke, Justin went up to the microphone and Jack went up with him and stood next to him with such pride.

He Takes his big brother role very serious. He sits with Grant every day on the school bus to make him feel safe.

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