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Happy 12th Anniversary 

We had a special date last night to celebrate 12 beautiful, committed years together!  I am so proud of the life we have built together!

This life.  This family.  It's all because of our love and dedication to the sacrament of marriage.

We had lots to celebrate and toast to last night on our anniversary date!

Cheers to 12 years!


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Schools in session our basement, that is!  Olivia, er, Miss Conger is teaching her students about the alphabet.  That's her teacher's desk there in the corner and she is telling Jack and Grant what their "jobs" are for the day.  I was the flag holder and Jack was the line leader.  She's pretending she is her preschool teacher, so I am learning exactly what goes on during her day at school. 
 She just might be a third generation teacher in the making....  A natural, I tell ya!

happiness is contagious...

Look at that face!!!  Ahhh, it just melts me.  I can't help but smile everytime I see his big gummy grin.  Why does he have to grow up so darn fast?  Rounding the corner to a year makes me so sad.  I would love to have this cuddly baby around forever!  On a bigger note, Grant took his first steps yesterday.  Well, a single step and it might have been on accident.  But either way, it caught us both by surprise!  He has had a rough week with a double ear infection.  But he seems to be on the mend now.  It breaks me heart seeing him in pain.  We just adore this baby.  All of us can't keep our hands off of him.  That may explain why he is always sick.  Sweet Baby Grant rocking away on his rocking horse.  What a little face....

Rub and dub dub....

.......I've got THREE kids now in the tub!

Grant looks a little hesitant here - but he actually loved it.  And was splashing all around.  Olivia and Jack thought it was too cute having their baby brother in there with them.

I don't know how long all three of them with bathe together - so I had to capture it.  My three little loves soaking in the tub!  Makes me smile.