Mother/Son Dance

Jack and I attended our first dance together.  His boyscout troop hosted a mother/son dance and we had a great time.  We made a special evening out of it!

I built it up for a week or so to make it seem extra special for him.  One and one dates are few and far between so I wanted to emphasize how special our time together was going to be.  He was extra excited about not having his siblings a part of the festivities.

We decided to invite his best friends and their moms over to our house beforehand for pizza.  We had papa John's and cookies and then we headed over to school for the dance.

Not too much dancing happened.  I couldn't compete with his rowdy first grade buddies.  But I managed a few special moments with him.  It was a sweet evening and a great way to kick off Mother's Day!

Jack is a fun kid and kept me laughing at his shenanigans!

Thanks for the date, buddy!






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