Grace Elizabeth's Baptism

My heart is full.
Grace Elizabeth was baptized today at our parish, St. Susanna Church.
It was such a special ceremony and I can't thank God enough for Blessing our family 
with this sweet fourth child of ours.
She truly is the family's baby.
Everyone adores her.  The look on everyone's faces in these photos proves that.
What a joyous day, Grace Elizabeth.
We love you and promise to raise you with Jesus in our hearts.

My beautiful family of 6!

Grace's Christening gown which was made by my Aunt Peg from my Wedding Dress.  Extra special!

My 12 week old daughter

Grant and Freddie

Mimi and Pa

Nana and Pa

My daughters

Aunt Jill and Aunt Peg

Grace's Godparents, Aunt Cousin Meredith and Uncle Cousin Brian

This picture MELTS me

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