goodbye Grandma Elaine (GG)

Little did I know what a gift these pictures would be - just taken at Christmas.  My beautiful grandmother passed away unexpectedly a few days later (12-29-16)  We are all heartbroken.  Elaine Arlinghaus, you will be missed forever.  
My mom, Olivia and I are all named after her as we all four share the middle name, Ruth.  Another special gift I will always treasure. 💝


She was such a special lady and gave everyone she met her full attention claiming that everyone has a story to share.  She was a lady of faith and devotion to her family.  She will be terribly missed.

Here are some more four generation photos we have taken through the years...

 I'm sorry she won't meet her 16th great grandchild who is due anyway now...  but this child certainly will have a special guardian angel by their side!  How comforting is that?!?

Goodbye for now, GG!


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