NBA Basketball game getaway

What an awesome 24 hour get away.

Justin attended a fundraiser a couple months ago and bid on an awesome silent auction item....and won!  Four (practically) courtside seats to the Indiana Pacers basketball game!  He has never been to an NBA basketball game and obviously our children haven't either. We chose the tickets to go see the Pacers play the Cleveland Cavaliers as Jack is a huge LeBron James fan. Who isnt??  With the world championship behind them it was the game for us to see!

When the kids got off the bus we surprised them and headed straight over to Indianapolis and checked into a hotel and walked over to the arena to watch the basketball game. The energy and excitement was absolutely undeniable. Mesmerizing.

Our seats were so good they allowed for us to get on the actual court and get a family picture. The kids loved watching the teams warm-up and all the loud music, dance teams, cheerleaders, halftime show, fan club, and excitement inside the arena!

Basketball is their favorite sport. We were awfully disappointed to find out that LeBron James was resting this game and he never played that night.  We could not believe our bad luck. But Jack did not seem to mind one bit. He was still taking everything in and was in awe!

We were able to spend the night in a hotel which is always very exciting for the kids. The next day we woke up (and the kids missed school which was super exciting for them) and went out to breakfast and then swam in our hotel pool for a couple hours. What a great 24 hour get away. Trying to soak up the family time with the big kids before newest baby arrives!

Awesome memories in the making!  And since we didn't get to see LeBron James play in person… means we MAY have to make a trip to Cleveland this winter to catch another game. 

Not such a bad thing after all.

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