My good student

Olivia takes school very serious!  She is always well organized, responsible and most importantly -  eager to do her best!

After school she is the first to open her school bag and sit down at the counter or dining room table and does her homework without any hesitation.  

She has been begging for me to allow her to do her homework on the bus like some of her seatmates but I won't allow it.  She's pretty upset with me.  But I want to make sure she isn't copying anyone's and is giving her assignments her undivided attention!  Mothers always know best, right?!

She also graduated from seeing the reading teacher-assistant this year.  Last year she saw the aid three days a week and this year she doesn't need any extra help!  We are so proud of her dedication to improving her reading level!

Keep up the great work, Olivia!  Second grade is off to a great start!

She is also enjoying being in the school choir this year during the children's mass.

Makes me proud to see her in the choir!

And her best friend, Mia is in her class again this year!  Extra special for the girls!  These two love playing shopkins, beanie boos and they love creating a "Claire's boutique" in Olivia room full of merchandise you can purchase!

Oh, and I'm lucky she still wants to be like her mom.  I'm still cool!  We treated ourselves to matching vests and she thinks that is super awesome!!!

And softball is this girls jam!

Sorry for all the rambling - just wanted to take a snapshot into our second graders awesome life!

She is happy as ever!  Sleeping like a champ and has overcome all her silly anxieties!  She is loving life!!!

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