My cowboy!

Thanks to Pa Rummler, Jack has been able to pick up his horseback riding lessons again! His stable from last year was not offering lessons again this fall so we had to start from scratch. We found a new stable (kubiki equestrian stable) which is a whole lot closer for us to travel to!  So it's a win-win situation. Pa takes Jack on Tuesdays for a 45 minute private lesson on a beautiful horse named, Patch.

I tagged along yesterday and was able to watch Jack in all of his glory.  He even trotted a little bit yesterday on the horse.  He seems nervous yet comfortable at the same time.

It's so rewarding for me to see my son have such a passion in his life!  He loves horseback riding!  

Warms my heart!

Before the lesson begins Jack has to groom his horse.

He is wearing his new cowboy boots he received for Christmas.

You look so grown up on this horse, Jack!

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