Jacks kindergarten year

Dear Jack,

I am so incredibly proud of you!  What an adventure kindergarten was!!  You have blown me away in how mature you have become.

We started the first day of school in absulute fear....

I have to admit this was one of the hardest moments as your mother.  Putting you on that bus despite all your raw fears and tears.  I think they call that tough love.  Either way - it broke my heart.  I remember following that bus to school in tears for you the whole way.

The first few weeks were a tough transition for you.  But you muscled through this with integrity.  It made us proud.

You developed a true LOVE for school after the first month and that LOVE continued through the whole school year.

You were consistently the first one up every morning.  Dressed and downstairs an hour before the bus to arrive.  You became that eager to attend kindergarten.

You were so happy throughout the whole school year once you got over your initial fears!

You were desperatly wanting to learn how to read.  You were determined to learn.  This had me excited to watch your love for learning develop so soon.

Your reading has taken off with lots of practice at home!  You love it!

You also had such a great year developing friendships within your classroom.  You went from an introverted child to a complete extravort.  You have so many buddies and after school play dates.  It was so fun to watch you become a buddy to so many kids...

These two boys, Conor and Brogan were also on your baseball team.  An extra bonus of fun!

You also had your first friend birthday party this year in kindergarten!  A bowling party that was completely planned by you!

And you were such a good friend to your little buddy, Ben who lost his dad unexpectedly this year.  You prayed for him often and were a great friend to him when he needed one the most!

And ofcourse half day kindergarten was perfect for you!  You were able to come home at noon and have the rest of the day open to play with your brother, grant!

We are so proud of you, son!  You have developed socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically!

You are ready to be a first grader!  Me on the other hand - hard to watch you leave the nest full day but you will be so ready by this fall!  

We love you to the moon and back!

Love, mom

(Last day of kindergarten June 1, 2017)

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Grammie said...

Jack, Pa and I are so,proud of you and love spending time with you (Mimi time). You continue to make us laugh!

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