My family

This picture was captured on Thanksgiving.  I asked my cousin if he wouldn't mind using my camera to take a family photo of us in my parents backyard.

In the back of my mind I was hoping to land the PERFECT family picture I could use for my Christmas Card this year.

After begging my kids to look at the camera, stand still, and smile it just wasn't working out.  I started to feel myself get frustrated.  Then something happened (I don't know what) but we all just started giggling.  And my cousin captured it.

When I was thumbing through all the photos he snapped on my camera I was disappointed at first.  Darnit - no one cooperated - AGAIN.  THEN, I took I closer look and came across this photo in detail and fell in love.

Everyone IS LOOKING...... looking at someone else in our family with eyes of admiration.  Everyone IS smiling.....just not at the camera - but at someone in our family.  This photo captures us.  We aren't perfect.  We aren't always camera ready.  But we sure do love each other - even through the chaos of life.

We are a team.  We are friends.  We are family.  And I feel this picture represents just that.

Merry Christmas from the Conger 5.  This card landed on our family Christmas Card this year and I couldn't be more tickled.

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Ross & Tricia McLain said...

I just opened your Christmas card and I LOVED IT! I thought the picture was seemingly PERFECT. It communicated Joy- living in the moment. It screams FREEDOM! Merry Christmas Conger 5! Em- see you in a few hours.

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