Jacks preschool class

Many of you may remember we switched  Jack's preschools in the middle of the school year.  And we are so glad we did! Happiness is so imperative in school - especially in his early years!

Jack is so extremely happy, secure, and challenged in this classroom.  And take a look - there are only 8 kids in his class.  Talk about a great student-teacher ratio!

He has made a best friend, Brooks (bottom row with a red shirt) and they are pretty inseparable.  Funny thing - Brooks dad and Jacks dad played college football together at UD.  Small world.

Anyways, 6 out of 8 of these kids will be continuing their education at St. Susanna elementary school so entering kindergarten next year will be so comforting as they know each other already!

Jack is so ready for kindergarten!  In fact, this Wednesday the preschoolers have a chance to tour their kindergarten classroom and tour a mason bus and go over safety rules!  Talk about exciting!!!

Proud of you, Jack!  You have grown so much this school year!  

You're a great kid!

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