Her first sleepover

Olivia is beaming with excitement!  She has been asking to have sleepovers since the summer.  We just never felt she was "ready" until recently.  She inherited our old queen size bed so she now has room for guests!  Our next door neighbor, Claire is 9 and is her little best friend and is like the big sister she never had.  She was a perfect fit for her first overnight as Claire is a pro at these by now.  Claire came over at 5 and was equipped with goodies.  Valentine crafts, snakes, movies, ect.  They have been locked in Olivia's room for hours now.  It is so cute.  I just popped the girls some popcorn for their movie party.  These little girlfriends are too sweet together! 

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Ross & Tricia McLain said...

How fun!! Maybe someday Olivia might like to try going a little further and having a sleepover with Sofia. We'd love having her!!

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