Happy 4th birthday, Jack

Happy birthday to my oldest son who brings us so much love, joy and gentleness. 

You are such an inspiration to us all.

You are kind, you are driven, you are inquisitive, you are passionate, you are charming, and you are one of a kind. 

You bring out the best in everyone!   

These past 4 years have been nothing short of amazing!  

Thanks for being YOU!  Never stop being YOU!!!

And one day, son - we will have a horse for you as a birthday present.  

(This surprise we pulled off for you yesterday may go down as your all time favorite!) 

We spent the afternoon with horses!!!!

Woke up with 4 candles in your cinnamon rolls this morning....

And rode your new big boy bike in circles around the house...

4 years with you as our son has been the biggest blessing yet.  You are amazing!

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Ross & Tricia McLain said...

It worked!! Your surprise came through!?! So happy to hear. Jack's face is priceless!
Happy Birthday!

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