Santa Claus came...

Christmas morning was magical. 

Truly magical. 

The kids were lit up with excitement. And Mom and Dad were soaking up all their JOY. 

Everyone in the house understands about Santa leaving presents and that couldn't be any more fun over here.  We fed the reindeer, left cookies and a note for Santa.

And for the first time - I was in the moment - the whole time during Christmas morning.  No stopping for pictures.  No stressing out about getting that perfect shot.  I surrendered to all that.  I left my camera behind only to grab a few action shots.  I didn't want to miss a thing.  And I didn't.  That was the best Christmas present I could give myself and my family.

Christmas 2013 will go down as my favorite yet....


Grammie said...

So glad we got to be a part of your Christmas morning. So fun"

Ross & Tricia McLain said...

The best.

Grace @17 months

Here are a few snapshots of our baby at almost a year and a half!