Jack's Christmas Performance

This morning was a special day for Jack.  It doesn't always happen to have a day dedicated to our special middle child.  So we took it seriously!  Made a BIG deal out of it!  And made a big deal over him!

Jack had his very first Christmas Performance in front of a live audience this morning.  An audience filled with cam corders, parents, siblings, and proud grandparents.  Jack was super thrilled to participate in this Christmas concert which is so uncharacteristic of him.  We were loving his excitement.

We practiced the songs, treated him to a fresh new haircut this week, he picked out his outfit with care (which included his very first tie) and I surprised him with an early Christmas present - new shoes.  He was dressed the part and he KNEW it!

He sang along and beamed with pride.  I love that he is cracking out of his shell and becoming such a confident kid. 

In a season that is (unfortunately) so filled with shopping, stress, over commitments - it is easy to loose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  And this morning - I think we were all reminded of what TRULY matters.  As the kids sang it best, "Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!"

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