John Alexander

Dear Jack,

I know you are growing up and gaining independence every passing day.  And I know one day you probably won't want to be my friend anymore.  You won't think I am cool. 

But at THIS MOMENT - I want to promise myself I will always remember the little boy you are here today.

My buddy.
The one that ALWAYS wants to be near me.  Playing, reading, laughing, and snuggling together.
My sweet, sweet Jack. My middle child who is quick tempered but quick to offer his full affection.

I love you to the moon and back, son.  I want to capture you in a bottle.
Forever.  I know that's not possible.  But these awesome pics of you will help me try.

At three and a half years old - you are something special.  Something great.  And I will always believe that. 

I love you,

Pebble Beach, California 

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