Gratitude Month

Here we are already - in the middle of November.  

Gratitude month. 

My favorite month of the year. Below is a picture of what I am most grateful for.  

Thankful for MOTHERHOOD.

And mothering these three gifts from God with my best friend, their dad, is a blessing I can't even describe in words.  

A feeling of the most unselfish, unwavering, forever love.  These three kids are the purpose of my life.  Raising them is my life sentence.  And I could not feel more fulfilled.  

Motherhood is hard.  It's demanding.  And staying home with them means it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are days where I am overwhelmed, exhausted and short fused.  But I remind myself that anything worth living for takes hard work. 

I remind myself to enjoy the ordinary days with these kids.  That we don't have to make memories only on vacation, or at the zoo - rather memories are made in the uneventfulness at home - together.  

These three kids all have their own special gifts that they bring to this family.  

Olivia brings warmth, fun, compassion and energy to our family.  She is the leader.  She is our mother hen.  We are thankful for our daughter.  Our first born.

Jack brings thought, passion, playfulness and love to us. He is a joy to spend time with.  We are thankful for our first born son.

Grant brings cuteness, sweetness, tenderness, and fun-love to our family.  He is the perfect baby and completion to our family.

We are blessed.  Life is full.

Happy Gratitude Month...

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Anonymous said...

Emily - I'm so very grateful that each of you is in my life - you just don't know how much joy you all bring to my life. I'm so very proud of you as a mother - you have your priorities in the right order! Love you, Aunt Peg

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