School pictures

Jack's very first school picture...

He looks a little hesitant but we are pleasantly surprised that he is smiling.

It's been a slow start to school for him.  He was so anxious about school that he would start to worry about it before he went to bed on school nights.  He would remind us over and over again that he didn't want to go.  

Then it turned into, 

"I'm NOT going, mom."  

"I don't like school." 

"I'm scared, mom."

It broke my heart to literally peel him out of his carseat in the school parking lot and take him in kicking and screaming.  I talked to his teachers and asked if he should not finish the school year as I felt he wasn't ready.  They discouraged that. 

I am glad they did.  After 6 weeks he is now CONTENT.  I may even be able to say he enjoys school.  He looks forward to seeing his teachers, doing seat work and having a class job.  He even mentions his best friend is a little girl named, Claire.

We are so proud of Jack.  We remind him over and over again how BRAVE he is to face his fears and overcome them.

We are excited for a great school year!

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Anonymous said...

Jack - I'm so very proud of you and love your 1st School Picture. You've always demonstrated that you love learning, so keep on making school your friend! Love, Aunt Peg

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