Kindergarten review

With almost 2 months of kindergarten under her belt - the verdict so far is = SUCCESS !!!! 

Olivia is thriving in ALL areas of school.  First and foremost she has made huge academic strides.  She is beginning to read and I couldn't be prouder of her.  She is learning her site words and the two of us practice them every single day when the boys nap.  We create scavenger hunts with words, site word bingo, sidewalk chalk site words, ect.  She is a sponge!

She is also making so many great friendships.  She has a little community of friends around her already.  This makes me so happy.  She has had many after school play dates with little girlfriends in her class.  It is so sweet to see the little friendships forming!

Olivia is also learning so much about the Catholic faith at school.  She can recite the Hail Mary prayer and she talks about Jesus as if he is apart of our family.  This makes me so pleased and warms my heart.

Our little kindergartner is loving all her "specials" at school and is especially fond of gym class.  She also enjoys Spanish class, Art class, Music class and Computer Lab.  And speaking of extra curricular activities - Olivia is now signed up to be a Daisy with 11 other of her classmates.  Daisies are the little version of Girl Scouts AND I volunteered to be theirs troop leader.  I look forward to sharing in this experience with her!

We are so pleased with St. Susanna thus far!  It has really fostered such a safe and comfortable yet challenging environment for our girl!

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Ross & Tricia McLain said...

Yay!!! I'm getting caught up on your family. Loved seeing sweet Olivia and hearing how well she is doing.

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