We are about 2 and a half weeks into the new school year/routine and everything is falling into place...  Olivia is meeting friends left and right in kindergarten and I have been doing my best to foster those new relationships with many play dates after school with other friendly moms and their daughters.

She is also playing soccer again this season and is doing extremely well.  We are so proud of her team spirit and dedication to the sport.  

She lost ANOTHER tooth and the tooth fairy brought her a dollar and a hand-written note.  She now has a top wiggly tooth but I am not ready for her to loose that one yet.  Permanent big teeth completely change their look.  She promised me she wouldn't wiggle the top one too much...

We purchased our KINGS ISLAND passes for next year so we were able to attend the park once this year with our new passes.  The kids had a blast!

And here we are enjoying a lazy Sunday morning out back on our new outdoor furniture.  Lots of lounging goes on out here now...

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Grace @17 months

Here are a few snapshots of our baby at almost a year and a half!