Summers End

Summer is closing in on us as we start school this coming week.  I feel like its been summer for ever.  Olivia was out of school mid May and we took our first summer vacation over Memorial Day weekend.  (Seems like a year ago). 

We've been burning the candle from both ends.  Lots of early rises, pool, driveway fun, bike rides, catching fire-flies, hikes,  nights out with friends, trips to the beach, birthdays celebrated, ect.

Going to off load all the summer pics from my phone on to this blog.  Quality isn't the best but I was able to capture the moment...(hopefully)

Summer 2013 was great!

Bike rides in Hilton Head

Olivia and lily.  Olivia learned how to swim this summer!  Spent lots of time at the pool.

Neighborhood parties!

Grant growing up before our eyes!

Olivia and Claire doing sidewalk chalk tattoos.

Lots of park dates!

Loveland bikes trails for family day!

Catching shooting stars at night!

More pool days!

Homemade birthday cards for mom!

Reds game with dad and Pa!

Quiet afternoons!

Pool days spent with our best friends!

Lots of artwork!

And more artwork!

Nights out with friends!

Swimming with my crew!

Lunch at Mimi's!

Evening pool swims with friends!

Couples trip to Nashville !

More Evening swims!

Lost her 1st tooth on her 5th birthday!

Two trips to Hilton head!

Olivia and Grace!

And the babies! Grant, Liam and Bea!

Nature hikes!

Lots of singing in the rain!

More bike rides!

4th of July sparklers!

My best friends!

Beach walks!

Vacation Bible School!

My family!

Snow cones with preschool friends!

Drinks with my best friends!

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