My poor baby

We had a terrible scare last night.

Poor Grant experienced a terrible head injury.  He was pushed from behind and hit the door frame of my closet door.  Nothing broke his fall.  His head slammed against the wall.  As soon as I picked him up there was blood everywhere.  I have never seen that much blood before.  I panicked.  I screamed.  I cried.  I didn't know how severe the damage was.  I honestly thought he lost an eyeball as there was so much blood in his eyes, face, and it was even dripping in his mouth. (trying to paint a picture here)  I almost called 911.  But I called the doctor and Justin instead and we took him to Children's Hospital for his 4 stitches.  And that was another horrible experience that I can even type about yet.  You forget just how much you love your children until something like this happens.  I am so sorry for his pain - but I am so grateful as I initially thought the damage was going to be much worse.

I love you baby Grant and I sure hope this doesn't scar your beautiful face.  Although the pain you endured last night will leave a permanent scar with mommy.


Grammie said...

Even with stitches, baby Grant is beautiful! Love him so much!!!

Ross & Tricia McLain said...

Oh Grant! I am feeling for your MOTHER!! I know that must have been scarier than any childbirth moment. So happy to see that all is well. Amazingly boo boos like this heal quick (10 days) and scar will be minimal. But, like you mentioned Emily... the sheer terror it causes will stick around in YOUR heart for a while. Thankful it was just the eyebrow and not the eye. Wooh! ((hugs))

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