Jack's first days of Preschool

Can you believe it?
Time really is moving FORWARD...
I have TWO KIDS in school now.
Jack started Preschool this past week.
Well, actually his first true day is Tuesday but we had Open House and Orientation this past week.
He is cautiously optimistic.
He is not one to show too much emotion.
However, he IS soaking it all in.
He is serious, but he is also enjoying himself.
Even if he isn't always smiling - don't be fooled.
He is content.  He is happy.  Just not outwardly social.
I have to say, I watched Jack have his first seat assignment at orientation.  
They made little place mats that they will use all year long for snack time.
He was the LAST student to finish.
So meticulous.  So detailed.  So wanting to do his best work.
Those are great qualities and I hope he keeps those throughout his schooling.
Don't rush anything.  Just soak it all in.  Take your time.  And do your best work.
Lessons we could all be reminded of.
Thanks, Jack!

He found his cubby and school bag!

His teacher (and Olivia's former teacher) Mrs. Frederick

He found his seat.  

The calendar helper

This was the morning of his "FIRST" trial day of school
A little nervous....

I took him out for donuts before hand
 to put a smile on his face!

Happy Boy now...

His classmates..


circle time.

Hopefully he got his nerves out of the way 
and he will be ready for his first true day on Tuesday 
without mom and dad there.

Proud of you, Jack!

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