CRHP (Anchored in Faith)

I don't even know how to describe this journey I just embarked on for the last 365 days!  Last year I decided (along with a couple dear friends) to take a risk and sign up for a CRHP retreat not knowing a single thing about it.  It was a calling we answered.  A leap of faith.  All we knew was that CRHP stood for Christ Renews His Parish.  We completed the retreat in October 2016 and then later we felt discerned to carry on with this group for the next year of my life.  Many of times it felt like a job.  Many of times I felt I wanted to quit.  It wasn't the easiest season in my life to make such a commitment.  I was pregnant with my fourth baby and was in the middle of newborn exhaustion. But I stuck it out.  Bringing along Grace to most evening meetings nursing her through our two hour bible studies.  I learned so much about God!  His love for us is everlasting.  I listened to my CRHP sisters give their faithshares and listened to all the turbulence of their lives.  And in the end, our Fathers Loving Care always takes care of us.  I learned more about the Catholic faith than I ever knew.  I became a Eucharist Minister and have gone back to confession several times.  I learned how to read the Bible.  I learned more about scripture than I've ever known before.  And most importantly, I learned from my sisters.  I learned so much from their wisdom and how they keep faith in their parenting.  I met with these ladies every other week for a year!  And this past weekend we put on the retreat for the next group of sisters who felt the leap of faith to join this retreat!  And how special that my own mother joined this group!  What a gift we shared together.  Another way of God showing His loving care to us.  It was a long year.  But it is now over and I feel sad about that.  What a gift I just received!

I wish I had more photos. But we turn in our cell phones for the weekend. I had so many special friends on this we can retreat with me in on the year-long group. Jennifer, Angela, Lea, Lisa, Rebecca, Barb, Stephanie, Tamara, Kelly, Monica.  Even though it's over - I know my sisters will continue to grow in faith together 💕

And I feel called to be a spiritual director of this retreat one day.

I'm excited for my moms journey ahead!

3rd grade volleyball 

I usually never purchase team sports photos. Our kids are in so many sports and we take so many pictures ourselves. However this season I could not resist. This is OliviA's newfound favorite sport. She had such a great season. The season is wrapping up and I know she will miss it.  She finally mastered her overhand serve it is ready to do it at tomorrow's game. I'm so proud of her. And she's been such a great teammate to her team. Always building them up and encouraging them to do their best.

Go Bucks!!!

Justin has been a lifelong Ohio State Buckeyes fan and it's been his dream to take the kids to their first buckeyes game!!!!  It's a "total experience" as he describes!  

Yesterday, the 6 of us ventured to Columbus for their first game.  We parked and tailgated for a bit and tossed the football and then made the 2 miles hike to the stadium.  There are THAT many people there!!!  And that was premium parking for $20.  

Inside, we had great seats in the SHADE - which was a blessing as it was 86 degree.  The kids were excited to see the marching band, cheerleaders, national anthem and of course the buckeyes charge the field from the tunnel.  We only lasted first half, and I know Justin was disappointed about that.  But it was still 2 hours of solid football.  A fun day full of memories for our clan!

Grant's favorite bible story

Saint Susanna showcased Grants bible story scroll on social media!  His favorite bible study is Adam and Eve!  Check out his detailed drawing of Adam and Eve and the apple tree and snake!  Love his religious education!!!!  Proud of Grant!

Pumpkin Patch

Having a baby makes going to the pumpkin farm feel super exciting and new again!!!!  We all enjoyed taking a family trip to Irons Fruit Farm in Lebanon.  It brought back so many memories of bringing the older three here when they were little and it had a new layer of excitement bringing Grace for the first time...

Favorite part of Gracie's  day

She loves to see in the big yellow bus come down the street. She waves her hands with excitement. Her Buddy is  home!

CRHP (Anchored in Faith)

I don't even know how to describe this journey I just embarked on for the last 365 days!  Last year I decided (along with a couple dear ...