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Father's Day

We celebrated Justin this weekend!  We are thankful for his love, support, guidance, and dedication to our family.  He provides so much for us and we don't always stop to say thank you as much as we should!  We are grateful and so very thankful for you, Justin!
We spent the evening doing the best summer activities you could ask for - ate ice cream, went golfing on the driving range and then caught fire flies at home!  It was so special to spend time together!I had the kids make Justin a father's dad card and they were so telling....Jacks card is a picture of them canoeing!  He remembers doing that last year!
Grants picture is of him and his dad shooting hoops in our driveway.
And Olivia's sweet card.  "You always have a way to my heart!"
Pa joined some putting fun with us.
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Grace @ 5 months

She is perfection!!!!  Easy baby!  Sleeping through the night....FINALLY!  Always content.  Nurses and takes a bottle with ease.  Started solid foods.   I can't believe how big she looks in these pictures.   We are working on sitting up.  It will come soon enough.   We adore you Grace Elizabeth!

Swim team

The season is here again!!!!  And swim team is one of our favorite events of summer!  It offers structure to our day, daily exercise, and chance to see your neighborhood friends and winning ribbons at the swim meets is a plus!
So much fun for these girls to see each other and swim in relays together!
We have given Olivia a longer leash this summer.  This year she rides her bike to swim team practice.  Safety in numbers - there are four of them that meet at the corner of our street and bike there together.  It's one mile each way.  She has a gizmo watch which is comforting to me .  It serves as a gps tracker and phone so I know she's arrived okay.  Then they peddle home after practice.  They feel like such big kids!!!

We 💗 summer!!!!

Olivia's softball season 

I've said this before… but She has found HER sport!  And it is softball. She loves the game. And she is pretty decent at it as well. She loves first base and making outs.  She lucked out and has several classmates on her team which makes it extra fun to chant cheers together from the dug out!  It's been a great season of softball!!!

Our family of 6

I am loving our family photos we had taking for my Mother's Day gift!  I will treasure these forever!

Olivia, almost 9
Jack, 7
Grant, 5
Grace, 4 months
My hands and heart are full!!!!!
God is so good!
Thanking the Lord every night for this beautiful ministry of raising this family he has blessed me with.

Jack's baseball season 

Jack is wrapping up his baseball season and is lucky to have his dad as his head coach!

Of course he picked number 23 on his team jersey after his favorite athlete, lebron James.  Here is Justin pitching to Jack on the field.

Jacks two best friends, Brogan and Conor. These two play every sport together and their dads all coach together.  From flag football, to basketball to baseball!  This trio is always together!

Kindered spirits

I just realized their birthdays are:
07/01 & 01/07
That has to be more than just a coincidence 😊